Ranked Number One in Option Writing by Morningstar™

For Immediate Release:

November 20, 2019

NAPLES, FL –Capital Wealth Planning, LLC (CWP) founder and chief investment officer Kevin Simpson, is proud to announce the firm’s Enhanced Dividend Income Portfolio (EDIP) SMA (separately managed account) strategy maintained its number one ranking in the Morningstar™ option writing category out of 32 Option Writing SMA Managers. This ranking is based on a five-year time period as of September 30, 2019. 

CWP’s managed account strategies continue to be recognized and highly ranked by Morningstar in the option writing category. The Enhanced Dividend Income Portfolio has also garnered the number one rank as of June 30, 2019 for the one-year timeframe. EDIP has an ESG version of the strategy that as well that has a five-star rating as of June 30, 2019 and overall for the five-year time period.

EDIP’s lead portfolio manager Josh Smith emphasized, “Our rules-based approach allows us to focus on total return while being tactically driven with our option writing.  We feel this approach differentiates us from our peers and contributes to our ability to regularly maintain our number one ranking”.  He further adds, “At CWP, we always want to do our best to buffer the downside for our clients but recognize that being tactical with our option writing gives us an opportunity to capture some larger gains that strong long-term market cycles can provide”.

Simpson concluded, “We manage the strategy on a total return basis and pride ourselves on exercising patience and discipline when making decisions. Our CWP portfolio managers target the strategy to earn 2% to 4% of annual portfolio income from option premiums through tactical covered call writing on 30% to 60% of the portfolio over the course of the year, while also capturing an additional 2% to 3% in dividends from equity holdings within the portfolio for total targeted income component of 4% to7%”.

CWP’s EDIP Strategy features a concentrated domestic equity portfolio of 24 to 27 mega-cap blue chips from the S&P 100. The Enhanced Dividend Income SMA Strategy is a 5-Star Morningstar™ rating among 32 peer, option-writing SMAs in the category. Learn more about Morningstar rating methodologies.

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