We’re still in a bull market – Kevin Simpson, CIO/Founder of Capital Wealth Planning

Watch our founder and CIO, Kevin Simpson speak with Brian Sullivan of CNBC about the Fed’s decision to lower interest rates and if that had any effect on our short-term outlook.

How we can work for you…

Our message is consistent with how we view the markets. Our objective is to invest in high-quality blue chip dividend paying companies that have consistently increased their dividends annually to outpace inflation over the long-term. In addition, we also focus on producing an income stream of 5-7% annually by writing short-term covered calls on a portion of the underlying 20-25 stocks that we own in the portfolio.

Keeping the dynamic of the strategy simple allows our advisor clients to rest easy at night. Our flagship Enhanced Dividend Income strategy owns companies that you use and drive by every day. We do not invest in highly leveraged companies that could suffer during slowdowns and focus on owning companies that will always be around, even in during the bad times. We are pretty sure everyone is still going to eat off of the dollar menu at McDonalds and brush their teeth when we face an inevitable economic slowdown.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Enhanced Dividend Income Strategy is positioned, please contact your financial advisor or submit your request here.