How CWP Can Help Advisors Build Their Book of Business


Whether you are first starting out or a seasoned financial advisor at Raymond James or other institution, we can help you grow your book of business. Our team at Capital Wealth Planning can assist you in a variety of ways including:

Creating Custom Proposals

We can create custom proposals for your client based on the individual person’s financial goals, current savings and investments and desired outcomes for retirement and savings. Our proposals are tailored to your specific client and draw upon our extensive industry experience.

 Discussing Strategy with Your Client

CWP strives to be an industry leader in customer service and support. Our portfolio managers are happy to assist advisors and answer any questions about specifics of our strategies that investors may have. 

For example, if you were prospecting to the board of directors at a non-profit organization, one of our portfolio managers who has been working with you and is familiar with the strategy involved, could jump on the call with you. We can go over the specifics of the strategy – how income is generated, what market volatility can be expected in an up or down market and an effective strategy to take in the current market.

At Capital Wealth Planning, we always offer our clients a value-add. We are not looking to sell covered calls for the whole portfolio. We are more tactical in our approach and add value by writing calls when the underlying stock gives us the opportunity to do so.

Providing Tools to be Successful

We also assist our institutional clients with the proper tools to be successful. This ranges from strategizing together and coming up with an effective, tailored game plan to marketing material, prospecting through social mediaand working with different types of businesses and non-profit organizations.

Contact Us

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