Listen: Kevin Simpson on Seeking Alpha Podcast

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Market Continues to Surprise and Confound – Are Things Getting Too Perky?

Despite existing concerns, the market is powering to new, all-time highs. It seems for every time the market takes a step back, it takes two steps forward, and the bull market lives on! But are things as good as they’re going to get?

Listen in on this podcast, as Kevin Simpson of Capital Wealth Planning, joins hosts Aaron Task and Stephen Alpher of Alpha Trader, to discuss the possibility of an encroaching market bubble, as well as overall market resiliency amidst the current Coronavirus. In this episode, you’ll hear more about the two primary schools of thought around bull markets, and why surprises come on the upside. Additionally, you’ll get in the know on good dividend payers, the primary drivers behind today’s market resilience, and what you should put new money toward now.

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