Capital Wealth Planning – Ranked in Top 50 of Fastest Growing RIA’s in the Country

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Capital Wealth Planning – Ranked in top 50 of fastest growing RIA’s in the country

Financial Advisor Magazine’s – 2018 RIA survey & ranking recognizes top RIA firms in asset growth annually with assets over $250 Million.

NAPLES, FLORIDA, September 18, 2018

Capital Wealth Planning, LLC (“CWP”) was recognized in Financial Advisor Magazine’s 2018 RIA Survey & Ranking as one of the top 50 fastest growing SEC registered investment advisors in the country. According to the most recent survey, in 2017, CWP assets grew 43.08% and broke into the top 50 for the first time.

“Growing a business at this rate of change is challenging. We’ve had to make substantial investment in infrastructure and technology to serve our advisors. Although, the largest investment made was in the talent we acquired on our National Sales Team. We were fortunate enough to put together a team of seasoned professionals that brought an enormous amount of energy, wisdom and knowledge to the CWP organization. I have had the pleasure of traveling the country and working with them while they interact and assist advisors in the field. I am without a doubt, 100% confident that we have built a team second to none that will professionally serve our advisors and their clients”, says Kevin Simpson, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Capital Wealth Planning, LLC.

“At Capital Wealth Planning, we realize that as financial markets and environments change the ability to adapt is crucial. We are at the forefront of implementing covered call strategies. A portfolio with a covered call strategy can accomplish three important objectives for client’s – (1) provide an excellent way of reducing risk, (2) add supplemental income and (3) provide a form of downside protection”, says Simpson.

“Making the “Top 50” ranking is a true attestation to where our organization is headed. We are talking to the right leadership teams at our client firms and are leaving a solid impression by how active and hands on we are in our sales process and with the advisors we work with. CWP would like to thank all the organizations that have helped us get to this point. We truly appreciate their business and extend our deepest gratitude for helping us make the “Top 50”, Simpson says.

About Capital Wealth Planning

 Capital Wealth Planning is a fee-only Investment Advisory Firm based in Naples, Florida.  The Enhanced Dividend Income SMA Strategy accounts for approximately $650 million of Capital Wealth Planning’s $1.2 billion of assets under management. The firm has been building and managing proprietary income-oriented portfolios since 2005.  CWP exists at the forefront of implementing covered call strategies with their ETF Income Portfolio, Enhanced Dividend Portfolio and Covered Call Overlay Service.  The methodologies are designed to enhance risk-adjusted returns and offer portfolio protection while delivering monthly cash-flow. 

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