Listen: Kevin Simpson and Jeff Saut on MoneyShow Webinar

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Investing for Retirement Today and In the Future: What’s Changed That You Must Know Now?

The vision of life after 65 has changed. And while many can say that a new sense of freedom is the anticipated upshot to retiring today, it’s important to discern that the current and future retirement environment is, and will be, more difficult than ever for generating income. Why? Because people now spend three-to-four more times in retirement than social security benefits were ever designed for.

Listen in on today’s webinar, “Growth and Income Investing,” by hosts, Kevin Simpson, CIO of Capital Wealth Planning, and Market Strategist Jeffrey Saut, as they reveal the secret to retiring in an era of low benefits-plan participation and extended life expectancy.

In this 25-minute session, you’ll come away with an understanding of:

  • The challenges of fixed-income investing.
  • How to generate an income stream that delivers growth for the inflationary effects of prolonged retirement.
  • Dividends as a crucial aspect of income.
  • How and why some companies can afford to increase their dividends.
  • Why managing risk is more important than managing returns.
  • And how Capital Wealth Planning can help provide you with a portfolio that do well in an up market, produce cash flow, and offer protection in a down market.

Click here to listen now, and find out more about the prospect of 2020 delivering a decent year ahead!

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