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Simpson called dividend growth “the true hedge against inflation.” For many investors, high inflation is a new phenomenon, and we’re at an early stage of the counter-cycle of rising interest rates that can create a difficult environment for the broader stock market.

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U.S. markets opened higher to kick off the second quarter, despite a miss on the March Jobs Report. The economy added $431,000 in the month, slightly lower than the $490,000 analysts had expected. The unemployment rate also ticked down to 3.6% from 3.8%. Kevin Simpson, Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Capital Wealth Planning joined Cheddar’s Opening Bell to discuss.

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Kevin Simpson joins Oliver Renick to discuss how investors can combat inflation, especially through the use of dividend stocks.

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The chances of a recession are higher than Goldman Sachs’s 35% projection, according to Capital Wealth Planning’s Kevin Simpson, who said the Russia-Ukraine war and oil prices increase those odds.

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Kevin Simpson joins Mooch FM to talk all things financial markets, investment strategies, life lessons—and his new book, Walk Toward Wealth.

Listen: Kevin Simpson on Weathering the Storm in a New Rate Environment

Recently with Interactive Brokers, CWP Founder, Kevin Simpson participated in a webinar about the impact inflation and rate hikes could have on the 2022 economy, as well as how volatility management can ease your navigation through stormy markets. You can listen to the recording now!